martes, 16 de diciembre de 2014

M.A.N - Massive Audio Nerve

M.A.N (Massive Audio Nerve) is a metal band from Gothenburg. The band was formerly known as Transport League. Frontman Tony "Tony JJ" Jelencovich was formerly the lead singer of Mnemic, B-Thong, Angel Blake et al In 2006, toured MAN opening for the group Fear Factory. In March 2007 the band released their first album, Obey, Consume, Reject. The second album, Peace Enemy was released by Sound Pollution 1 August 2008.

Style Nu Metal
Status Split-Up   
Formed In 2006
Separated In 2014
Country Sweden

Track List

1. Dead Set
2. Don't Wake Up
3. Logocide
4. Last Light Drains
5. Vivid Heart
6. Identical Abuse
7. False Memory Syndrome Pt 1 & 2
8. Slave Program
9. Mock At My Motion
10. Falling, Zero Status Zero

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